Tumpak Sewu Waterfall


Tumpak Sewu Waterfall is one of the most Popular tourist destination in Indonesia. It located on the border between District of Malang and District of Lumajang. Start from 2016 untill now, lots of Tourist around the world come to visit this area. Tumpak Sewu has really cool and beauty Line of Waterfall, which is why it named Tumpak Sewu or Coban Sewu ( it means set of thousand or thousand of waterfall).


From the City of Malang It takes two hours of trip, it can be faster or slower depends on the traffic-jam levels and Business activity around the area, if the Business activity is high, there will be lots of mini-truck in the way to go there, so it will hamper your trip. There are two entrances, the first one in the District of Malang sides and the second one in the District of Lumajang Sides. I recommend to come from District of Lumajang sides, because the way from here is lot easier.

I recommend you to use some sneakers or something like running shoes ( Do not use Sandals or Flip-flop it can be really slippy), and I do not recommend to use any leather boots if you plan to explore all of the area of the Waterfall, because some of the area you have to going through the river flow and it will be troublesome if you using leather boots. If you are a photographer, prepare umbrella! Because the weather here can be different in the different time, if the waters flow of the waterfall is so high, it will troubles your lens ( trust me I been here for three times and the weather always different), and do not forget the tripod too!


Coban Sewu is 120 meters high and it managed by local government. I am begging to you guys, PLEASE do not desecrate this place, this place is so beauty, please keep it like this for our next generation.

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