Tips to make your Street Photography more fun!

Nowadays, Street Photography is one of the most popular style of photographing in the world. The easiness this style provides make it become anybody favorite. But I wont tell you about the detail theory of Street Photography, in this article I wanna share to you my experiences with street photography, and I hope it will gives you some inspiration for your works!


1. Camera settings

For the settings, I usually use Auto-mode, because the light outside can changes frequently, and every moment that happen can be really quick! ( the moment can’t wait for you to setting your camera first before you capture them )

2. Use some basic composition rules

Diagonal - Line


Natural Framing

3. Dont be shy to capture people activity

If you think it is impolite to capture them without their permission, just ask them nicely! or give them smile after you photograph them 🙂

4. Ask your friends to become your model!

Especially the photogenic one !

5. Use some cool tools!

Cool stuff like Prism and lense ball could make your street photography more interesting!


Thats all my tips for you! i hope it is helpful for you. The most important thing is do not forget to enjoy your photograph!

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