Goa China Beach

Goa China is a beach that is situated on Dusun Tumpuk Awu, Desa Sitiarjo, Kecamatan Sumbermanjing, Malang, East Java. It becomes one of the most famous beaches in East Java because many tourists uploaded the picture of its beauty in the social media. The real name of this beach is actually Rowo Indah. However, people believed that there was once a Chinese priest who died in this beach, which is why this beach is most famously known as Goa China beach.

To get there, we must spend 2 hours journey from the city of Malang. However, you need to be a bit careful when you reach the woods especially during the night. It is because the road is so winding and ravine along one side of the road.

One of the most attractive things in this beach is not just the magnificent scenery, but also the wave. The wave of this beach has a unique pattern. They come from three directions; west, south, and east. These waves meet and hit each other in Bantengan and Nyonya Island. Because of the strong current of waves, there is a rare natural phenomenon that happens which is the

wave that takes form of a spiral that goes straight to the land.

Because of the quite big waves, there is not a single fisherman who dares to tie up his boat on the side of this beach. The area of Goa China is used by the fishermen only as a route to reach Sendang Biru beach.

The existence of three islands in this beach adds the beauty of Goa China. Those islands are Bantengan, Goa China, and Nyonya Islands. If you plan on visiting this beach, go to the end of Goa China. It is because the waves in this spot are more beautiful, also, this spot is less crowded compared to other spot.

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